Refugee Youth in Public Space

Short videos

Learn more about our HERA research project on young refugees and public space by watching these short videos. The videos are designed to communicate our research findings to a broader public. Created by Stacy Bias.

The first video discusses the importance of public spaces for refugee and asylum seeker youth for social interaction and exchange of knowledge and skills. Public places such as parks, squares and streets therefore hold possibilities to create a sense of belonging and attachment. But we also draw attention to the racism and stigmatisation that young refugees and asylum seekers face in public spaces. Watch the video to find out what you can do to make public spaces more inclusive for refugee and asylum seeker youth and increase the livelihood in the city.

The second video emphasises that ‘arrival’ is rarely a one-off event – it often takes a lot of work, requires negotiation, and is a process that can take many months – or even years – to achieve.