Refugee Youth in Public Space


Scholarly publications

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  • Melgaço, L. & De Backer, M. (2020). Justice is spatial, also during the pandemic: the case of the Blankenberge beach riot. City & Society. 

 Popular publications

Presentations, lectures and round tables

  • Van Liempt, I.C. (04/29/2021). Round Table Discussion 1: Migration Narratives, Research and Practice: Digital Methods, Arts, Visual methods and Literature. VOLPOWER Academic workshop.
  • Kox, M.H. & Van Liempt, I.C. (04/27/2021). “I am an Amsterdammer?” The role of formal and informal arrival infrastructures in refugee and asylum youth’s home-making processes in Amsterdam. University of Luxemburg/virtual: REFUGOV-conference.
  • Kox, M.H. & Van Liempt, I.C.  (04/22/2021). Arrival in a climate of suspicion. Refugee youth’s everyday experiences in the urban fabric of Amsterdam. Utrecht University (virtual): Conference Migrant belongings: digital practices and the everyday.
  • Finlay, R. (4/10/2021). Racialization, Lockdown and the Spatial and Temporal Reshaping of Asylum Seeker and Refugee Lives. Race and Refugee Geographies Session at the Association of American Geographers Annual Conference.
  • Finlay, R. (4/14/2021). Lockdown and the Spatial and Temporal Reshaping of Asylum Seeker and Refugee Everyday Lives. Race. Ethnicity and Migration stream at the British Sociological Association Annual Conference.
  • Finlay, R, (4/10/2021). Seeking refugee and failing asylum governance in the time of COVID-19. Geographies of Social Change seminar.
  • Mazzola A. & De Backer M. (04/07/2021 to 04/09/2021). Solidarity towards migrants during the Covid-19 pandemic. Creative solutions between civil society initiatives and the state. ABSP conference.
  • Kox, M.H. (09/13/2020).Guest Lecture (2020, September 13). Wat als je naar Nederland vlucht? [What if you flee to the Netherlands?] Guest Lecture Museum Youth University (children 8-12 years old)