Refugee Youth in Public Space


Lockdown Leipzig: young refugees and asylum seekers’ experiences

A short analysis that considers how young refugees and asylum seekers have experienced the first lockdown related to Covid-19, written by Elisabeth Kirndörfer, has been published in two magazines: “Querfeld”, the annual publication of the Saxon Refugee Council and “Leipziger Zustände”, a magazine that forms part of a project for the comprehensive documentation of right-wing, racist and discriminatory activities in Leipzig, edited every two years.

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Kirndörfer, E. (2021). “Wenn Alltagsorte und soziale Routinen wegbrechen: Covid-19 und das Leben junger Geflüchteter und Asylsuchender”. LEIPZIGER ZUSTÄNDE – Dokumentation und Analyse faschistischer, rassistischer und diskriminierender Ereignisse in und um Leipzig, p. 46/47.