Refugee Youth in Public Space


AFTERMOVIE! HERA Final Conference 2022 Refugee Youth, Public Space and Artistic Practice

Yes, the aftermovie of our HERA Final Conference 2022 is finally out! Although it were just two days, there are so many good memories and it is such a pleasure to being able to relive them again. See it for yourself!

Many thanks to Common Frames (Hemmo and Issa) and the Talent Team (Kais, Azobi and Remy) for filming throughout the conference and putting this amazing aftermovie together. Common Frames’ Talent Team coaches youngsters who want to improve their knowledge and skills around media by organising masterclasses for them, opening up networks and helping them towards training and education in the media sector. Interested in making media with youngsters, or do you want to share your network and skills, please look here if you want to contribute to this mission.