Refugee Youth in Public Space


Performance of HERA by Curious Monkey at Northern Stage

What a timely, joyful and moving performance of HERE by curious monkey at Northern Stage, Newcastle-Upon-Tyne. It was great to see the complicated relationships of migrants with home, place and belonging communicated in such a powerful way. HERE compellingly illustrates the challenges and hardships refugees and asylum seekers experience upon arrival, but also shows how moments of recognition, care and solidarity are found in everyday contact with others. Congratulations to the actors and anyone involved, it was really a treat to be able to attend this performance.

On Thursday 10 March 2022, Prof.Dr. Peter Hopkins and Dr. Ilse van Liempt joined Curious Monkey director Amy Goulding and Newcastle University researcher Dr. Jen Bagelman in a one-time postshow panel discussion. In this discussion, the panel members discussed and analysed the performance in the broader context of the HERA ‘Refugee Youth and Public Space’ project. Also, during a short Q&A with the audience, it was discussed what people can do themselves in order to be more inclusive, and what they can do to aid social, cultural and artistic organisations in their mission to help people find a home.